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Getting Ready To Read With Mother Goose
Teacher's Resou rce Companion Kit with Compact Disc (CD)
Pre K/K
Includes the Teacher's Resource Guide, Student Activity Book, Music CD, Read-Aloud Little Books, Mother Goose Hand Puppet, and a handy vinyl shoulder bag

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Getting Ready to Read with Mother Goose systematically teaches oral language, phonological awareness, alphabet recognition, beginning print concepts, and early writing. The Teacher’s Resource Companion Kit includes all the resources needed to support Common Core foundational skills and prepare children for reading in one convenient carry bag:

  • Student Activity Book engages students with hands-on activities, punch-out cards, stick puppets, and more.
  • Teacher’s Resource Guide bolsters teacher effectiveness with explicit teaching plans, professional development, and hands-on literacy activities.
  • Music CD captures children’s attention with alphabet songs, chants, rhymes, and music for each theme.
  • Read-Aloud Little Books (1 copy each of four titles, 4 books) connect learning to literacy.
  • Mother Goose Hand Puppet fosters language development.

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