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Building an Enriched Vocabulary

Grades 9–12

Assures understanding of 400 “essential words” and 125 academic vocabulary subject-specific words, along with phrases and their meaning and usage through:

  • Specific, comprehensive, vocabulary-focused exercises that also prepare students for standardized tests and college courses
  • Words in Context with short nonfiction and curriculum-based articles so students understand these basic vocabulary words in real-world contexts
  • Academic Vocabulary which focuses on words from the following subject areas: Literary Analysis, Biology, Anthropology, Composition, Medicine, Sociology, Mythology, Environmental Science, Psychology, Mathematics, Law, Philosophy, Logic, History, Visual Arts, Astronomy, Economics, and Performing Arts

The Teacher's Edition presents guidance and support for teaching the 525 new words effectively and includes the Answer Key to the Supplementary Exercise and Testing Program.

Testing Booklets (10 copies) offer supplementary exercises and a testing program which encourages students to experience taught words in different contexts and sequences. This helps them use words with greater facility, accuracy, and effectiveness in real-life situations.

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