Grammar for Writing

Grades 6–12

Available as a consumable workbook or hardcover edition, the Student Edition provides succinct explanations, clear examples, and numerous opportunities for practice. Students will:

  • Study authentic models and learn how to write narrative, argumentative, informational, explanatory, literary analysis, timed essays, research papers, and technical pieces
  • Write for a variety of audiences and purposes
  • Build mastery of grammar, usage, and mechanics skills and apply them to the writing process
  • Participate in peer activities and writing workshops
  • Find five sections in their book: composition, grammar, usage, mechanics, and standardized-test practice

    Find the support you need to teach writing and grammar skills with:

    • Point-of-use correlations to the standards for each lesson
    • On-page answers and annotations
    • Strategies for grammar instruction
    • Writing process guidelines as well as ideas and prompts for instruction
    • Rubrics and specialized checklists for evaluating writing
    • Lesson-by-lesson support for English Learners and Striving Learners
    • Access to free online resources at Sadlier Connect, which includes additional practice for grammar lessons, portfolio projects, peer review form, planning and pacing guide, password-protected Answer Keys, and more

    The Student Edition eBook provides all the content of the print edition, accessible on Sadlier Connect. In addition, the eBook also provides access to robust tools that allow students to:

    • Read text
    • Annotate content and highlight important information
    • Search for key words
    • Adjust the size of the text to meet individual needs

    The Test Booklet eBook provides all the tests as in the print version. Accessible on Sadlier Connect. Individual assessments are available at point of use as printable PDFs. These assessments can be assigned and are able to be scored as Complete/Incomplete. The Test Booklet eBooks are also included as a resource in the Grammar for Writing Lesson Planners.

    The answer key is accessible on Sadlier Connect with a teacher access code.

    Quantities for digital licenses must include all user types (i.e. administrators, teachers, and students) needing to access the content.

    See System Requirements at

    In addition to the built-in assessment found in the Student and Teacher's Editions, this consumable Test Booklet, sold as a 10 pack, provides additional ongoing assessment options including Diagnostic, Chapter, and Mastery Tests in standardized-test formats.

    The Answer Key is accessible on Sadlier Connect with a teacher access code.

    Also available as as an eBook.

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