Grammar Workshop

Grades 3–5

The consumable Student Edition helps students master grade-appropriate conventions of standard English through instruction with models, ample practice, and immediate application of skills. Divided into six units, each level focuses on teaching sentences; nouns; verbs; adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions; pronouns; and capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Each lesson has the same three-step instructional sequence:

  • Learn features skill instruction with clear explanations and modeling
  • Practice includes three scaffolded activities, each building on the prior and increasing in difficulty
  • Write lets students apply what they learned by revising sentences, combining sentences, and writing on their own

Unit Reviews and Unit Tests in standardized-test format monitor progress.

Find the support you need to teach writing and grammar skills with:

  • Point-of-use correlations to the standards for each lesson
  • Clear, concise lesson plans with three steps that include writing prompts for independent writing and activities
  • A Pacing Chart that clearly shows how various components might be scheduled over an academic year
  • Informal assessments to monitor students’ progress through their daily speaking, reading, and writing
  • Access to free online resources at Sadlier Connect, which includes additional practice, proofreading passages, automatically scored lesson quizzes, password-protected Answer Keys, and more

The Student Edition eBook provides all the content of the print edition, accessible on Sadlier Connect. In addition, the eBook also provides access to robust tools that allow students to:

  • Read text
  • Annotate content and highlight important information
  • Search for key words
  • Adjust the size of the text to meet individual needs

Quantities for digital licenses must include all user types (i.e. administrators, teachers, and students) needing to access the content.

See System Requirements at

The 48-page, consumable Test Booklets, sold as 10 pack, provide:

  • Unit Tests, 2–4 pages for every unit’s skill(s), varying in format depending on the skill(s) (e.g., sentence completion or circling the correct word/phrase)
  • Mastery Tests, 4 pages for every 2 units, in standardized-test format
  • Final Mastery Test, 4 pages, serving as a summative assessment of the program

The Answer Key is accessible on Sadlier Connect with a teacher access code.

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