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Sadlier Handwriting Practice

Manuscript & Cursive

Each Student Edition focuses on both visual and auditory representation of characters to help students develop a more comprehensive understanding of reading and writing fundamentals. The program includes instructions for key strokes – proper starting point, stroke sequences, and directionality for each letter and number. There are two Student Editions and Two Teacher's Editions.

Sadlier Handwriting Practice Book, Manuscript Student Edition and Sadlier Handwriting Practice Book, Cursive Student Edition have instruction and practice for all alphabet letters, upper and lower cases, and numbers from 0-10. Each Student Edition includes:

  • A Getting Ready to Write section that provides students with what need to know before they get ready to write such as, proper posture, pencil grip and spacing of letters.
  • Letter formation lessons that follow the scope and sequence of From Phonics to Reading K Level program, focusing on the sound of the letter encouraging students to write the letter and read what they are writing.
  • Formal instruction on punctuation to support writing sequences.
  • Reviews after each cluster of letters
  • Letter Formation Chart
  • Handwriting Lines for writing practice

    The wraparound Sadlier Handwriting Practice Book, ManuscriptTeacher's Edition and Sadlier Handwriting Practice Book, Cursive Teacher's Edition include a 3-step instructional approach:

    • Introduce states the purpose of the lesson and introduces the new focus letter
    • Model uses interactive Handwriting videos showing the proper pencil grip, posture, and writing of each focus letter
    • Practice and Write using traceable letters with starting points supporting students before they write the letter on their own
    • More Practice provides additional activities to strengthen fine motor skills, and additional words and sentences for students to write
    • Digital Resources are accessed via a code in the Teacher's Edition. Resources include Instructional Videos for each letter and number formation. Handwriting Lines Black Line Masters (BLM) for extra practice

    The Manipulative Kit contains:

    • Cursive/Manuscript Alphabet Wall Cards. These cards are double sided with manuscript on one side and cursive on the other.
    • Cursive Sticker Roll (40 per roll)
    • Manuscript Sticker Roll (40 per roll)
    • Alphabet Desk Card for manuscript and cursive (double sided) with name plate

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