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Let’s Target Math Problem Solving

Grades 1–8

Let’s Target Math Problem Solving helps reinforce key math topics such as:

  • Place value
  • Whole number, fraction, and decimal operations
  • Measurement and geometry

This program is being discontinued. Orders will be filled while supplies last or until January 28, 2021.

Teachers who purchase any Let's Target title will be mailed access codes to the online answer keys.

This answer key is free of charge.

Let's Target Mathematics Starter Pack includes 10 Grade 2 Student Edition copies each of:

  • Math Problem Solving
  • Real-World Math Word Problems

Let's Target Mathematics Classroom Pack includes 20 Grade 1 Student Edition copies each of:

  • Math Problem Solving
  • Real-World Math Word Problems

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Net Price$9.99$9.99$9.99$9.99$9.99$9.99$9.99$9.99
List Price$13.32$13.32$13.32$13.32$13.32$13.32$13.32$13.32
Item No4781-14782-84783-54784-24785-94786-64787-34788-0
ISBN: 978-1-42174781-14782-84783-54784-24785-94786-64787-34788-0
Net Price$162.99$162.99$162.99$162.99$162.99$162.99$162.99$162.99
List Price$217.32$217.32$217.32$217.32$217.32$217.32$217.32$217.32
Item No4871-94872-64873-34874-04875-74876-44877-14878-8
ISBN: 978-1-42174871-94872-64873-34874-04875-74876-44877-14878-8
Net Price$341.99$341.99$341.99$341.99$341.99$341.99$341.99
List Price$455.99$455.99$455.99$455.99$455.99$455.99$455.99
Item No4881-84882-54883-24884-94885-64886-34887-0
ISBN: 978-1-42174881-84882-54883-24884-94885-64886-34887-0

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