Sadlier Phonics

Grades K–3
  • Meet and support foundational reading skills of the Common Core State Standards.
  • Practice and review each set of skills covered to help ensure mastery before moving on to the next new concept.
  • Teach clusters of skills in a preset sequence—first in isolation, then in context of words, decodable and connected text, and student writing.
  • Systematic, explicit lesson plans and built-in professional development provide comprehensive support to meet key literacy standards, including Common Core foundational reading skills.
  • Reinforce what children are learning with frequent opportunities to apply phonics skills to reading informational, decodable, and other connected text as well as to writing letters, words, messages, and stories.
  • Review and assess frequently throughout the program to drive instruction. Use the program’s Pre-Test and End-of-Year Test to capture critical information that helps match instruction to the individual needs of children.
  • Designed to be flexible and easy to integrate into any curriculum.
  • Differentiate instruction with a section of Response to Intervention (RTI) suggestions.

The eBook provides the same quality content as the print Student Edition. Delivered via Sadlier's one-stop platform at Sadlier Connect, in addition the eBook format also provides access to robust tools that allow students to:

  • Read text
  • Make notes and highlight important information
  • Search for key words
  • Zoom in on specific content
  • Project lessons in full screen mode

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*Quantities for digital licenses must include all user types (i.e. administrators, teachers, and students) needing to access the content.

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