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Vocabulary Workshop, Enriched Edition
Class Set with Test Booklets
Grade 4

Teacher Certificate Required

VWSB©2011 ClssSet w/TstBk A LvlOrng G4

p>The Vocabulary Workshop Class Set with Test Booklets includes: 20 Student Editions and 20 Test Booklets (Form A).

Vocabulary Workshop words are taught through explicit, systematic instruction that is consistent across each level. Units include the following features:

  • Introducing the Words begins each Unit with a visually appealing fiction or nonfiction passage that provides context for the new vocabulary words
  • Word Study develops strategies for decoding word meanings as well as integrates speaking and writing activities to expand word knowledge
  • Shades of Meaning helps students recognize word relationships and nuances in word meanings by exploring idioms, metaphors, proverbs, and word choice
  • Unit Review provides additional activities that provide reinforcement and enrichment, including: Definitions, Matching the Meaning, Synonyms/Antonyms, Completing the Sentence, Word Associations, Vocabulary for Comprehension, Classifying, and Completing the Idea

The Test Booklets contain a Mastery Checklist, Warm-Up Test, Unit Tests, Cumulative Tests, and a Final Test that can be used to monitor progress through the school year.

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Voc Wkshp SB SE LvlOrng Gr4
6624-4 - Voc Wkshp SB SE LvlOrng Gr4 20  
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8054-7 - Voc Wkshp©2011 TstBk A LvlOrng Gr4 10pk 2  
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