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Grades K–8

The Progress English Language ArtsFull Access Bundle provides a 1-year site-wide access to Student Worktext eBooks, Teacher's Edition eBook, Online Assessments, and Digital Resources for up to 100 students. Additional licenses are available.

Teachers also have access to a variety of reports such as Proficency, Skills, Domain, Growth, and Learning Groups Reports, as well as Recommended Resources.

Progress ELA Student Print Bundle* Grades 1–8, includes:

  • 1 Student Worktext
  • 1 Progress Monitor
  • Access to Digital Resources on SadlierConnect.com

*Minimum purchase of 20 bundles from the same grade level. Prices apply only to multiple copies/licenses of the same title and grade, and not the total number of items ordered.

The Progress English Language ArtsFull Access Bundle for grades 1–8, provides online assessments for all grade levels with a robust variety of reports including Proficiency, Skills, Domain, Growth, and Learning Groups Reports. The online assessments include:

  • Unit Reviews, Unit Tests, and Comprehension Checks
  • Technology-enhanced items that require students to think critically.
  • An Item Bank of questions that allows you to create and share customized practice and assessments to administer online or in print.

In addition to the Online Assessments, this bundle includes a 1-year Site license for Student Edition eBooks, Teacher eBook, and digital resources for up to 100 students.

Quantities for digital licenses must include all user types (i.e. administrators, teachers, and students) needing to access the content.

See System Requirements at TechSpecs.SadlierConnect.com.

The Progress Monitor English Language Arts Student Benchmark Assessments booklet for grades 1–8 includes 3 or 4 Benchmarks that provide a comprehensive assessment of English language arts standards so teachers can monitor each student's mastery. Benchmarks mirror the format of the standardized assessments and include multiple-choice, short-answer, constructed-response items, and essays.

The Progress Monitor English Language Arts Benchmark Assessments Teacher's Guide for grades 1 and 2 supports test administration of the Progress Monitor Student Benchmark Assessments with rubrics, sample student work for constructed-response items, answer key, reproducible class reporting forms, and correlations between items and English language arts standards.

Teacher Answer Keys for Grades 3–8 are available online at SadlierConnect.com

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